Modernsky Lab Shanghai

2017.8.12 21:00

CON TROL CLUB was working with SUNKUANZ and the help of the Chinese Hiphop music culture platform OTTNO, to present the most up-to-date trendy Hip Hoppers - GAI,BRIDGE,DOUGHBOY,BLOWFEVER.  

CON TROL CLUB brings out GOLD CAN MOVE THE GOD that the concept conceived by the founder artist Zhang Ding, working with visual artists LI Jingxiong, nenghuo, Yi, to present the contemporary artwork, the visual art and immersive lighting installation lit for the night. The first product released by CON TROL CLUB will be only available in pop up store on the same day. The online activities will also be launched to highlight you guys who are dopest at the night.


SANKUANZ boasts a distinctive and playful approach to fashion that has gained a cult-like following in China and abroad. SANKUANZ's intriguing and unconventional style made Zhe a sort of eccentric enfant terrible in the Chinese mainstream fashion scene - he has been praised by many critics as one of the the most creative young talents in the industry. SANKUANZ designs reflect the expression of different cultures. Classical references are mixed with pop elements through the combination of razor-sharp tailoring, graphic playful prints, deconstruction and androgynous sporty silhouettes. The final result is well-balanced collections in their eccentricity. Each element, eccentric or classical, finds its proper place and highlights the others.

Pairing fragments from contemporary art with vintage sportswear and sleek uniforms, SANKUANZ reinterprets menswear with a rebellious voice, challenging the status quo while pushing constructive thought.


CON TROL CLUB is the parties of both controllability and anti-controllability! By integrating of geeks, immersive A/V installations, music etc, it is the art label initiated by the artist Zhang Ding in 2014.


OTTNO is more than just a social platform, but a Cultural and Communication Center to present Chinese Hiphop to the world, with a strong focus on Chinese Hiphop music and culture. It offers talented rappers more working opportunities through resource integration, and intends to help them go International. Moreover, OTTNO is going to bring real Hiphop sounds into the Chinese domestic market to promote the development of its culture. As one of the originators of this new exciting music form, OTTNO contributes new music blood to the diversified Chinese music industry. It brings the most authentic Hiphop in front of us. Here, everything you see is absolute 100% pure Chinese HipHop.



An Independent Hiphop label based in Chongqing. Consists of Rapper/Producer/Beatmaker/DJ from Chongqing and its southwest surrounding areas. Known formerly as Keep Real Rapper Group, as one of the oldest Hiphop-founder groups in Chongqing and its southwest surrounding areas.


Hiphop Group from HK. Founded in 2012, by Dough-Boy, Geniuz F the Future, Seanie P, Tommy Grooves.


A rapper, a songwriter. The collaboration with many artists transforms him into a better artist. Favored by a variety of music festivals like Midi and Strawberry. A performing artist for the largest warehouse music events in China - NIGHTSHFT. And a regular guest featured on multiple mainstream television programs, working with celebrity artists.


A local Rapper from Xia’men. Powerful stage performance with an artistic appeal in music. He shot his new “AIDC” MV, collaborating with SANKUANZ. Top 70 in ‘The Rap of China’.

LI Jingxiong

Based in Shanghai. His works is mainly created as ravaged objects through multimedia, including texts, paintings, installations and videos, which is aiming to drive individual into fierce social reality and under an intense interrelation. 


Visual artist.


Lighting artist being active in both theatre and underground music scene. She took part in the projects of CON TROL CLUB: Invisible, Enter the Dragon II, Enter the Dragon Singapore, Vice 2016 CNY parties tour, etc.

Zhenwei Huang

Currently living in Xia’men. He graduated from London College of Communication and then Edinburgh College of Art (MA), with a major in photography. His work explores the concept of interdisciplinary studies and the studies of consciousness, with a focus on the Contemporary environment and the urban landscape. He displays his work as photography and installations on different scale.